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Hello and welcome to the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences (Bren ICS).

You are receiving this message because you successfully created an ICS account with Bren ICS.

Bren ICS has a variety of resources available to assist you with your studies and research, and this message will provide a brief tour of these resources.

Getting Started

Using ICS Computing Resources

Computer Labs

Bren ICS has four computer labs available for use by Bren ICS students. The computers in these labs will generally have the software required for your Bren ICS courses.

The three computer labs located on the first floor of the CS building (CS 183, CS 189, and CS 192) are reserved for scheduled classes. In the computer lab located on the third floor of the CS building (CS 364), we have a Laptop Instructional Lab (CS 364a) and a dedicated “open lab” with no scheduled classes (CS 364b). Bren ICS students can use this lab on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information about Bren ICS computer labs, see the following links:


There is a black-and-white laser printer available for Bren ICS students in the CS 364b open lab. You must have credit available on your student ID card in order to print.

For more information on using this printer, see:


The student wireless network covering Bren ICS is managed by the UCI Office of Information Technology (OIT). Your wireless device will need to be registered with OIT before it can connect to the wireless network.

To register your wireless device, go to UCInet Mobile Access.

Off-Campus Access

To access Bren ICS computing resources from off-campus, you will need to connect to a virtual private network (VPN) managed by the UCI Office of Information Technology (OIT). Please note that the campus wifi and on-campus residential housing are considered to be off-campus networks and will also require a VPN connection to access some Bren ICS resources.

For more information on the OIT VPN and the software needed to connect to the VPN, visit UCI Virtual Private Network.

Mac AnyConnect installation issues: If your AnyConnect stops working, try deleting your current installation. Download a new copy of the software from OIT. If you have problems re-installing, in a terminal window run the command:

sudo pkgutil –-forget com.cisco.pkg.anyconnect.vpn


Bren ICS provides professionally-managed data storage for all Bren ICS students. This storage can be accessed from all computers in the Bren ICS computer labs, from all servers in the Bren ICS Linux cluster, and from your own personal computers.

For more information about Bren ICS storage and how to access it, see the following links:

Linux / Openlab

Bren ICS maintains a cluster of Linux servers (known as Openlab) which are available to all ICS students. These servers can be accessed via SSH and via Sun Grid Engine (SGE).

For more information on accessing the Openlab Linux Cluster, see the following links:

Personal Web Page

Bren ICS provides basic web hosting functionality so that ICS students can host web pages needed for academic projects, as well as web pages for personal non-commercial use.

For setup information, see How to set up your web page.

Obtaining Software


The Linux servers at Bren ICS have access to a broad range of software via Modules.

For more infomation, see ICS Modules.

ELMS aka Microsoft Imagine

Bren ICS students have free access to many Microsoft applications via Microsoft's Imagine program.

For more information, see Microsoft Imagine.

New-User Guide

Check this guide for more information on ICS accounts and resources.

If You Need More Help

If you need further assistance with using Bren ICS computing resources, please see the following:


If you are unable to find your answer on the Computing Support page, or if you are experiencing technical problems with Bren ICS computing equipment, please contact the Bren ICS Computing Support staff at helpdesk@ics.uci.edu.

For contact information, see:

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