Announcements 2021

Ugrad and Grad Scratch Space

Undergraduate scratch space and graduate scratch space have been relocated to the new all-flash ICS fileserver, codename: Tardigrade

This space is provided without quota restriction for graduate and undergraduate students to use as scratch space for their instructional projects. Twenty four hours of snapshots are available but the space is not backed up to tape.

NFS Access

This space is shared via NFS to any ICS managed Linux compute node.

In order to access this space, simply change to the directory /auto/grad_space

cd /auto/grad_space


cd /auto/ugrad_space
Windows/Mac and Unmanaged Clients

This space is also available via samba and fuse/sshfs with your ICS shell account.

Use the following samba share to mount this space:




Jupyterlab@ICS Update

ICS Instructors, researchers and students are invited to connect to Jupterlab@ICS

Jupyterlab@ICS turns any web browser into a personal Linux server offering a Linux terminal, Jupyter Notebook, an X11 desktop and other web-based apps such as Rstudio, VSCode. ICS home directories are mounted to provide persistent storage.

Fall Quarter Improvements

  • A larger, faster flash storage backend.
  • Self managed package installation (`sudo apt`)
  • Longer run times (idle nodes are removed after 7 days)
  • More hardware behind the cluster
  • Specialized research group and course offerings.
  • Larger pods with up to 8 cores and 16GB RAM.
  • Updated versions of VSCode web app and the X11 desktop.
  • Jupyterhub has been updated to 1.4.2 and kubernetes 1.19

Jupyterlab@ICS is built on donated equipment in the openlab cluster for research and instructional computing.

Key features and benefits:

  • Nothing to configure, no VM to run, no modules to load.
  • Prior sessions can be reopened from the Running Terminals and Kernels pane.
  • Persistent storage in your ICS home directory.
  • Students and instructors work in the same cloud IDE.
  • Works for any OS and any browser.
  • Customizable per course of per research group.

Sharing Google Drive Files with UCI Workplace Accounts

We're working on creating some groups to enable sharing between ICS and UCI Google Workplace accounts and we're creating some Google groups that can help you accomplish that from your ICS Workspace Google Drive.

Current share group offerings:

Group NameMembers Documents shared to this group are shared to all ICS faculty using at either ICS and UCI Google Workspace account. Documents shared to this group are shared to all ICS Staff using at either ICS and UCI Google Workspace account.

Send requests for additional google groups, such as staff or research group lists, to

Sharing Using a List

Start by opening the document that you would like to share and clicking on the “share” button in the upper right corner:

In the window that pops up, start typing the name of the group you would like to share to and then choose the name from the list:

Unclick “Notify People”. All messages to this list are discarded anyway, so you don't need to worry about accidently sending mail to these groups.

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