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 More information on using [[:​services:​sun_grid_engine|Son of Grid Engine Queueing System (SGE)]] More information on using [[:​services:​sun_grid_engine|Son of Grid Engine Queueing System (SGE)]]
-==== Undergraduate ​Scratch Space ====+==== Instructional ​Scratch Space  ====
-Two (2) TB of space on the Bren School'​s filer have been set aside for undergraduate instruction scratch space. The space is available to both Windows (smb) and ICS-supported Linux (nfs) clients.+  * [[hardware:​storage:​ugrad_space|Undergraduate Instructional Scratch Space]] 
 +  * [[hardware:​storage:​grad_space|Graduate Instructional Scratch Space]]
-From a Windows host, please use the smb path [[\\samba.ics.uci.edu\ugrad_space|\\samba.ics.uci.edu\ugrad_space]] and enter your ICS credentials when prompted. 
-From an ICS-supported Linux host, the space may be accessed by this path:  /​auto/​ugrad_space. 
 ====   ==== ====   ====
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