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 +====== Fall 2019 Announcements ======
 ==== Jupyterlab @ ICS  and Jupyter Notebooks for Instruction ​ ==== ==== Jupyterlab @ ICS  and Jupyter Notebooks for Instruction ​ ====
-Jupyterlab ​running on Jupyterhub ​is now available+ICS Computing Support is Excited to Announce [[virtual_environments:​jupyterhub|Jupyterub@ICS]] 
 +In addition to Jupyterlab ​notebooks, the [[https://​hub.ics.uci.edu|ICS hub]] turns any web browser into a **Linux Terminal** AND offers several web based apps including an console, **Rstudio**,​ **Xdesktop**,​ and **VSCode**. 
 +[[https://​hub.ics.uci.edu|Connect to the ICS Jupyterhub ​Portal]]
-//​JupyterLab enables you to work with documents and activities such as Jupyter notebooks,​ +[[virtual_environments:​jupyterhub|Follow ​the project here]]
-text editors, terminals, and custom components in a flexible, integrated, and extensible +
-manner. You can arrange multiple documents and activities side by side in the work area +
-using tabs and splitters.//​+
-Follow the project [[virtual_environments:​jupyterhub|here]]. 
-Login direction: ​ [[https://​hub.ics.uci.edu]] 
 ==== Lastpass Enterprise ==== ==== Lastpass Enterprise ====
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