Fall 2019 Announcements

Jupyterlab @ ICS and Jupyter Notebooks for Instruction

ICS Computing Support is Excited to Announce Jupyterub@ICS

In addition to Jupyterlab notebooks, the ICS hub turns any web browser into a Linux Terminal AND offers several web based apps including an console, Rstudio, Xdesktop, and VSCode.

Connect to the ICS Jupyterhub Portal

Follow the project here

Lastpass Enterprise

Campus is offering free access to Lastpass Enterprise

See our ICS Account page for recommendations about managing your ICS account passwords.

Slurm to Replace SGE

Slurm is on schedule to replace SGE for distributed computing jobs. The Slurm cluster is up and running now.

SLURM, unlike SGE, is activevly supported offers improved GPU support, finer tuning of queues, and has already been adopted by the UCI HPC3.

Visit our internal webpage for more information on how to use Slurm at ICS. Send email to helpdesk@ics.uci.edu with questions and suggestions, or if you are interested in converting your cluster from SGE to SLURM.

Singularity Containers

Singularity is a program available to any user with an ICS shell account for running containers on ICS hosts.

Singularity is available on all ICS Managed CentOS hosts for any user to run. Use the command `module load singularity` to add the latest available version to your environment.

For more information and a quick start from running docker containers, follow this link to Singularity @ ICS.

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