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ICS Computing Support Announcements: Spring Quarter 2017

Software Purchasing Policy

The ICS Business Office posted the following via email on March 30th, 2017:

Effective May 1, 2017, UCOP has required all software purchases meet security and/or accessibility policies and regulations PRIOR to purchase. Links to these policies and regulations are listed in the below email. This applies to any software or service (e.g. Amazon Web Services, Drop Box, Github, Heruko, Campaign Monitor, Slack, etc.) where storing or sharing of data is involved.

You will need to provide a completed and signed Accessibility/Security Review Checklist to your purchaser/faculty assistant at the time of your request. Once they receive approval from Purchasing and OIT, they will place your order. If required and depending on the issue, the decision process may take up to two weeks.

Purchasing is working on coming up with a list of acceptable software. As we learn more about this process and what is allowed, I will forward the information to you.

Just a reminder that purchasing of software on your own and getting reimbursed is not allowed per policy. That policy was in place previously and is not related to this new process.

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