Spring Quarter 2019 Announcements

New Openlab Instructional Nodes

UCI and ICS received the donation of several racks of high density computing during the spring 2019 term. Some of that equipment has already been deployed as part of the virtual machine instructional cluster (centaurus). We are working on deploying the rest to further expand the centaurus cluster as well as replace equipment in the openlab instructional clusters for shell service and as SGE compute nodes.

Openlab:Archer, Openlab:Andromeda Planned Retirement

Date: Summer Term 2019 (exact date TBD)


  • To make space and power available for newer openlab instructional nodes
  • Unsupported hardware, newer kernels and related packages do not run.
  • A veritable cornucopia of security concerns related to running old packages.

Affects: All equipment in openlab:archer and openlab:andromeda clusters will be powered down and permanently removed this summer. New equipment will be added to the openlab cluster for shell service and as SGE compute nodes.

Duo Maintenance Update

Changes will be made to duo process running on emp.ics.uci.edu.

Users may force the old behavior, an autopush to their phone or tablet ap, by setting and exporting the following variable:


Beginning in early June, in order to accommodate Duo hardware tokens, users that are enrolled in Duo will be presented with the following menu when logging in:

Duo two-factor login for ____

Enter a passcode or select one of the following options:

 1. Duo Push to XXX-XXX-4267
 2. Duo Push to Android

Passcode or option (1-2): 
  • Users that use the Duo app should choose option 1 to continue to have Duo push to their phone.
  • Users that will use a hardware token or phone app passcode can simply enter it now.

Note about ssh-keys: All users logging into emp.ics.uci.edu will receive this prompt regardless of whether or not they are using ssh-keys. At this time we only expect to make this change on emp.ics.uci.edu and multi factor authentication prompts will not appear on other hosts for users using ssh-keys.

SendEnv DUO_PASSCODE per Platform


Add the following line in /etc/ssh/ssh_config:


Then, in your environment, set DUO_PASSCODE variable:

export DUO_PASSCODE=push


Navigate to Connection→Data

Retire faculty and students server

The two servers faculty.ics.uci.edu and students.ics.uci.edu will be retired at the end of Spring Quarter.

  • The servers are not used often anymore.
  • There are more options available than when these servers were setup.
  • If there is a need for the server, please email helpdesk@ics.uci.edu and describe what services you need that these servers provide. There may be better options that could work.
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