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-==== ICS Email Web Bugs Disarmament ​====+==== Adobe License Changes (01/​07/​2022) ​====
-Web bugs or [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/​Web_beacon|web beacons]] ​will no longer be disarmed ​in messages delivered by [[accounts:email:​email_overview|ICS mail scanners]] ​and read via ICS IMAP service  Multiple legitimate websitesincluding UCI Medical Center and the [[https://myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov/​|Digital Covid-19 Vaccine Record]] site have been found using web bugs and disarmament interfered with the messages they were sending. ​  ​Please send email to helpdesk@ics.uci.edu ​if you have any questions+Adobe licenses for software like Adobe Acrobat expired. To activate ​or renew your Adobe license, follow the steps outlined by OIT: 
 +  * go to https://oit.uci.edu/adobe  
 +  * click on Get Adobe Acrobat 
 +  * follow the instructions to "​purchase"​ Acrobat 
 +If your license expired, you do not need to download and reinstall Acrobat. After the purchase process is complete, you will need to sign in to the software using your UCINetID@uci.edu ​email address ​and UCINetID password along with DuoFor step-by-step directionsplease refer to: https://swiki.ics.uci.edu/​doku.php/​software:​adobe_acrobat (ICS sign-in required).
 +==== Miscellaneous Announcments (01/​07/​2022) ====
 +=== Kubernetes @ ICS ===
 +ICS Computing Support runs several Kubernetes clusters based on [[https://​rancher.com/​products/​rke|RKE product]]. ​  We currently run several services: ​
 + ​[[virtual_environments:​jupyterhub|JupyterHub@ICS]],​ [[https://​password.ics.uci.edu|Password Reset]], [[https://​speedtest.ics.uci.edu|ICS Speedtest]],​ [[https://​phpmyadmin.ics.uci.edu|PHPMYAdmin]],​ [[https://​pastebin.ics.uci.edu|PasteBin]] and a [[https://​containers.ics.uci.edu|GoHarbor Container Reposittory]]. ​   ​
-==== Jupyterlab ​ICS  and Jupyter Notebooks ​for Instruction ​ ====+Feel free to reach out to heldpesk@ics.uci.edu if you have suggestion ​for other microservices,​ have a microservice you want to run, or have questions about running a Kubernetes cluster.
-ICS Computing Support is excited to announce [[virtual_environments:​jupyterhub|Jupyterub@ICS]]. ​ The [[https://​hub.ics.uci.edu|ICS hub]] turns any web browser into a **Linux Terminal** AND offers several web-based apps, including a console, **Rstudio**,​ **XDesktop**,​ and **VSCode**.+=== GCP/AWS Project Management ===
-[[https://​hub.ics.uci.edu|{{:​virtual_environments:​jupyter.jpg?​400|}}]]+Computing support can step into an active or passive role in managing GCP or AWS assets Any services provided in the ICS data center can likewise be provided in the cloud.
-===A personalized docker container=== +Big Highlights:
-  * Runing Ubuntu 20.04 +
-  * Based on  +
-  * **Persistant Data***  +
-    * User's ICS home directory mounted +
-    * Synchornized to openlab directories.  +
-  * IDE'​s +
-    * VSCode +
-    * Rstudio +
-  * Notebooks +
-    * Python +
-    * JavaScript +
-    * Julia  +
-    * R +
-  * CLI Tools +
-    * gcc/g++ and debugger +
-    * python3 +
-    * R +
-    * Java +
-  * GIT Integration tools +
-  * X Server+
-[[https://​hub.ics.uci.edu|Connect to the ICS Jupyterhub Portal]]+  * Your cloud instances can have a .ics.uci.edu hostname 
 +  * VPN encrypted link from your AWS/GCP project into the ICS data center. 
 +Other highlights:​ 
 +  * Consulting and Billing Setup 
 +  * Provisioning (also automated provisioning via Terraform) 
 +  * Data Center Integration (Storage, compute, authentication,​ etc) 
 +  * DNS (use ics.uci.edu in GCP or AWS) 
 +  * Secure connection between campus and cloud. 
 +  * Configuration Management 
 +  * Single sign on authentication 
 +  * Integration with campus storage. 
 +==== Jupyterlab @ ICS  and Jupyter Notebooks for Instruction (01/​05/​2022) ​ ==== 
 +Jupyterhub is once again avaialble for students and researchers for Winter quarter. ​ Users logging into one of the Jupyterhub URL's will recieve a personal docker container.  
 +General use Jupyter hub: 
 +  * [[https://​hub.ics.uci.edu|https://​hub.ics.uci.edu]]: ​ General purpose hub intended for Winter quarter instruction turns  
 +    * Linux shell 
 +    * VSCode IDE 
 +    * X11 Desktop 
 +  * [[https://​rstudio-hub.ics.uci.edu|https://​rstudio-hub.ics.uci.edu]]: ​ Specialized hub for running recent versions of Rstudio (currently 2021.09.0).  
 +  * Jupyterhub mounts ​the ICS home directory so data is persistent, availabe on any ICS host, and backed up daily. 
 +  * Multiple server instances may be started. ​  
 +  * The `sudo apt install` command is available to install additional package.  
 +  * Hub's will run indefinately when logged into at least once per week. 
 [[virtual_environments:​jupyterhub|Follow the project here]] [[virtual_environments:​jupyterhub|Follow the project here]]
 +====Managing Your ICS Passwords====
 +The following in an excerpt from the full document at [[accounts:​password_change_reset|ICS Password Overview]]
 +=== Change or Reset your ICS Password ===
 +You may reset your ICS password at [[https://​password.ics.uci.edu|ICS Password Toolbox]] if you:
 +    * Know your current password, or
 +    * Have set and can answer your security question, or
 +    * Have access to your alternate email address, which will be used to send a password reset message to
 +Please contact Helpdesk via email (helpdesk@ics.uci.edu) if you need assistance with this process. ​ Attach any relevant screenshots should you be encountering any error messages.
 +=== Change or Reset your ICS Google Workspace Password ===
 +  * Use [[https://​support.google.com/​accounts/​answer/​41078| this tool]] to change your ICS Google Workspace password after logging in
 +  * Use [[https://​accounts.google.com/​signin/​recovery | this link]] to recover a forgotten ICS Google Workspace password
 +====ICS Storage Service Upgrade (01/​05/​2022)====
 +A couple of notes about the [[accounts:​ics_home_directory|ICS Home Directory]].
 +  * The school provides an ICS home directory for every member of the ICS community.
 +  * The ICS home directory is, typically, automatically available on any ICS managed Windows and Linux system.
 +  * That ICS home directory is available to **any** computer connected to the Campus Network(even via [[network:​campus:​campusvpn|VPN]]).
 +  * Backed up twice daily
 +Beginning Fall 2021, all home directories are being stored on a new [[https://​www.purestorage.com/​products/​file-and-object/​flashblade.html|Purestorage Flashblade]] named [[hardware:​storage:​tardigrade|tardigrade.ics.uci.edu]],​ occasionally abbreviated as tg.ics.uci.edu.
 +Tardigrade Highlights:
 +  * Backed by all flash storage so home directory access is fast 
 +  * Redundant 40Gb/s uplink to the ICS Data Center Backbone
 +  * Inline compression (data reduction factor of ~1.6)
 +  * [[accounts:​snapshots|28 days of self service snapshots]] + long term disaster recovery backups
 +Visit [[accounts:​ics_home_directory|ICS Home Directory]] for more information.
 +====Planned Changes to the UCI Google Workspace Service (1/​25/​2022)====
 +OIT has sent out email announcing the following planned changes to thee UCI Google Workspace Service on Tuesday, January 25, 2022.   
 +**These changes will not effect the ICS run and ICS branded ICS Google Workspace Service**. ​ ICS Computing Support will review and determine if mirroring these changes would benefit the ICS community and if they are feasible in our environment. ​  ICS community members are encouraged send mail to helpdesk@ics.uci.edu if mirroing these changes will be impactful, constructively or negatively, to ICS business or research.
 +  * Require UCI Single Sign-On to access all UCI Google services like Gmail and Google Drive. If you are already enrolled in Duo, Duo MFA will also be required. ​
 +  * Disable the ‘less secure apps’ (LSA) feature which allows third-party mail clients like Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook to connect to Gmail using a legacy authentication method (see below) ​
 +  * Disable the POP mail protocol ​
 +==== ICS Email Web Bugs Disarmament ====
 +Web bugs or [[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Web_beacon|web beacons]] will no longer be disarmed in messages delivered by [[accounts:​email:​email_overview|ICS mail scanners]] and read via ICS IMAP service. ​  ​Multiple legitimate websites, including UCI Medical Center and the [[https://​myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov/​|Digital Covid-19 Vaccine Record]] site have been found using web bugs and disarmament interfered with the messages they were sending. ​  ​Please send email to helpdesk@ics.uci.edu if you have any questions. ​
-**Last Quarter**  +**Prvevious Announcements**  
-  * [[:​announce:​fall-2020|Fall Quarter 2020 Announcements]] +  * [[:​announce:​fall-2020|2021 Announcements]] 
-  * [[:​projects:​maint-fall-2020|Fall Quarter 2020 Maintenance Schedule]]+
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