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 +==== Adobe License Changes (01/​07/​2022) ====
 +Adobe licenses for software like Adobe Acrobat expired. To activate or renew your Adobe license, follow the steps outlined by OIT:
 +  * go to https://​oit.uci.edu/​adobe ​
 +  * click on Get Adobe Acrobat
 +  * follow the instructions to "​purchase"​ Acrobat
 +If your license expired, you do not need to download and reinstall Acrobat. After the purchase process is complete, you will need to sign in to the software using your UCINetID@uci.edu email address and UCINetID password along with Duo. For step-by-step directions, please refer to: https://​swiki.ics.uci.edu/​doku.php/​software:​adobe_acrobat (ICS sign-in required).
 +==== Miscellaneous Announcments (01/​07/​2022) ====
 +=== Kubernetes @ ICS ===
 +ICS Computing Support runs several Kubernetes clusters based on [[https://​rancher.com/​products/​rke|RKE product]]. ​  We currently run several services: ​
 + ​[[virtual_environments:​jupyterhub|JupyterHub@ICS]],​ [[https://​password.ics.uci.edu|Password Reset]], [[https://​speedtest.ics.uci.edu|ICS Speedtest]],​ [[https://​phpmyadmin.ics.uci.edu|PHPMYAdmin]],​ [[https://​pastebin.ics.uci.edu|PasteBin]] and a [[https://​containers.ics.uci.edu|GoHarbor Container Reposittory]]. ​   ​
 +Feel free to reach out to heldpesk@ics.uci.edu if you have suggestion for other microservices,​ have a microservice you want to run, or have questions about running a Kubernetes cluster.
 +=== GCP/AWS Project Management ===
 +Computing support can step into an active or passive role in managing GCP or AWS assets. ​ Any services provided in the ICS data center can likewise be provided in the cloud.
 +Big Highlights:
 +  * Your cloud instances can have a .ics.uci.edu hostname
 +  * VPN encrypted link from your AWS/GCP project into the ICS data center.
 +Other highlights:
 +  * Consulting and Billing Setup
 +  * Provisioning (also automated provisioning via Terraform)
 +  * Data Center Integration (Storage, compute, authentication,​ etc)
 +  * DNS (use ics.uci.edu in GCP or AWS)
 +  * Secure connection between campus and cloud.
 +  * Configuration Management
 +  * Single sign on authentication
 +  * Integration with campus storage.
 +==== Jupyterlab @ ICS  and Jupyter Notebooks for Instruction (01/​05/​2022) ​ ====
 +Jupyterhub is once again avaialble for students and researchers for Winter quarter. ​ Users logging into one of the Jupyterhub URL's will recieve a personal docker container. ​
 +General use Jupyter hub:
 +  * [[https://​hub.ics.uci.edu|https://​hub.ics.uci.edu]]: ​ General purpose hub intended for Winter quarter instruction turns 
 +    * Linux shell
 +    * VSCode IDE
 +    * X11 Desktop
 +  * [[https://​rstudio-hub.ics.uci.edu|https://​rstudio-hub.ics.uci.edu]]: ​ Specialized hub for running recent versions of Rstudio (currently 2021.09.0). ​
 +  * Jupyterhub mounts the ICS home directory so data is persistent, availabe on any ICS host, and backed up daily.
 +  * Multiple server instances may be started.  ​
 +  * The `sudo apt install` command is available to install additional package. ​
 +  * Hub's will run indefinately when logged into at least once per week.
 +[[virtual_environments:​jupyterhub|Follow the project here]]
 ====Managing Your ICS Passwords==== ====Managing Your ICS Passwords====
 +The following in an excerpt from the full document at [[accounts:​password_change_reset|ICS Password Overview]]
 === Change or Reset your ICS Password === === Change or Reset your ICS Password ===
-Passwords can be changed or reset using the  ​[[https://​password.ics.uci.edu|ICS Password Toolbox]].+You may reset your ICS password at [[https://​password.ics.uci.edu|ICS Password Toolbox]] ​if you:
-To reset your password+    * Know your current ​password, ​or 
-  - go to [[https://​password.ics.uci.edu]] +    * Have set and can answer your security ​questionor 
-  - read the password rulesthen scroll to the bottom of the page +    * Have access to your alternate email address, which will be used to send a password reset message to
-  - select to answer your secret ​question or request a password reset link,which will be valid for 60 minutes.+
-If you have forgotten your password and do not know your secret questtion or have an alternate ​email address, do one of the following:+Please contact Helpdesk via email (helpdesk@ics.uci.edu) if you need assistance with this process. ​ Attach any relevant screenshots should you be encountering any error messages.
-    * Student (Undergrad and Grad): Please bring your student ID to CS 364 lab and ask the lab attendant for further assistance. +=== Change or Reset your ICS Google Workspace Password ===
-      * If you cannot make it to campus but need to change your password, please email helpdesk@ics.uci.edu. +
-    * Staff/​Faculty:​ Please contact Helpdesk via email (helpdesk@ics.uci.edu) or telephone (949-824-4222).+
-=== Change ​ICS Google Workspace Password ​===+  * Use [[https://​support.google.com/​accounts/​answer/​41078| this tool]] to change your ICS Google Workspace password after logging in 
 +  * Use [[https://​accounts.google.com/​signin/​recovery | this link]] to recover a forgotten ICS Google Workspace password 
 +====ICS ​Storage Service Upgrade (01/​05/​2022)====
-  * Use [[https://​support.google.com/​accounts/​answer/​41078this tool]] to change your ICS Google Workspacepassword after logging in. +A couple of notes about the [[accounts:ics_home_directory|ICS Home Directory]].
-  * Use [[https://​accounts.google.com/​signin/​recovery | this link]] to recover a forgotten ICS Google Workspacepassword. +
-====ICS Storage Service Upgrade (01/​04/​2022)====+
-ICS Computing Support ​provides an ICS Home Directory ​for every member of the ICS community and that Home Directory ​is available to any computer connected to the UCI network.+  * The school ​provides an ICS home directory ​for every member of the ICS community
 +  * The ICS home directory is, typically, automatically available on any ICS managed Windows ​and Linux system. 
 +  * That ICS home directory ​is available to **any** computer connected to the Campus Network(even via [[network:​campus:​campusvpn|VPN]]). 
 +  * Backed up twice daily
 Beginning Fall 2021, all home directories are being stored on a new [[https://​www.purestorage.com/​products/​file-and-object/​flashblade.html|Purestorage Flashblade]] named [[hardware:​storage:​tardigrade|tardigrade.ics.uci.edu]],​ occasionally abbreviated as tg.ics.uci.edu. Beginning Fall 2021, all home directories are being stored on a new [[https://​www.purestorage.com/​products/​file-and-object/​flashblade.html|Purestorage Flashblade]] named [[hardware:​storage:​tardigrade|tardigrade.ics.uci.edu]],​ occasionally abbreviated as tg.ics.uci.edu.
-Highlights:+Tardigrade ​Highlights:
-  * All Flash Storage ​+  * Backed by all flash storage so home directory access is fast 
   * Redundant 40Gb/s uplink to the ICS Data Center Backbone   * Redundant 40Gb/s uplink to the ICS Data Center Backbone
   * Inline compression (data reduction factor of ~1.6)   * Inline compression (data reduction factor of ~1.6)
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-==== Jupyterlab @ ICS  and Jupyter Notebooks for Instruction ​ ==== 
-ICS Computing Support is excited to announce [[virtual_environments:​jupyterhub|Jupyterub@ICS]]. ​ The [[https://​hub.ics.uci.edu|ICS hub]] turns any web browser into a **Linux Terminal** AND offers several web-based apps, including a console, **Rstudio**,​ **XDesktop**,​ and **VSCode**. 
 +**Prvevious Announcements**  
 +  * [[:announce:fall-2020|2021 Announcements]]
-===A personalized docker container=== 
-  * Runing Ubuntu 20.04 
-  * Based on  
-  * **Persistant Data*** ​ 
-    * User's ICS home directory mounted 
-    * Synchornized to openlab directories. ​ 
-  * IDE's 
-    * VSCode 
-    * Rstudio 
-  * Notebooks 
-    * Python 
-    * JavaScript 
-    * Julia  
-    * R 
-  * CLI Tools 
-    * gcc/g++ and debugger 
-    * python3 
-    * R 
-    * Java 
-  * GIT Integration tools 
-  * X Server 
-[[https://​hub.ics.uci.edu|Connect to the ICS Jupyterhub Portal]] 
-[[virtual_environments:​jupyterhub|Follow the project here]] 
-**Last Quarter** ​ 
-  * [[:​announce:​fall-2020|Fall Quarter 2020 Announcements]] 
-  * [[:​projects:​maint-fall-2020|Fall Quarter 2020 Maintenance Schedule]] 
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