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 +==== Adobe License Changes (01/​07/​2022) ====
 +Adobe licenses for software like Adobe Acrobat expired. To activate or renew your Adobe license, follow the steps outlined by OIT:
 +  * go to https://​oit.uci.edu/​adobe ​
 +  * click on Get Adobe Acrobat
 +  * follow the instructions to "​purchase"​ Acrobat
 +If your license expired, you do not need to download and reinstall Acrobat. After the purchase process is complete, you will need to sign in to the software using your UCINetID@uci.edu email address and UCINetID password along with Duo. For step-by-step directions, please refer to: https://​swiki.ics.uci.edu/​doku.php/​software:​adobe_acrobat (ICS sign-in required).
 ==== Miscellaneous Announcments (01/​07/​2022) ==== ==== Miscellaneous Announcments (01/​07/​2022) ====
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