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Winter Quarter Announcements 2018

Mathematica Resources

UCI enjoys a Mathematica site license. Below is a list of resources for getting started with Mathematica.

Hands-on Start to Wolfram Mathematica This tutorial helps students get started with Mathematica. Students will learn how to create their first notebook, run calculations, generate visualizations, create models to explore examples from class, analyze data and more.

An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language This book helps students learn the Wolfram Language, the language of Mathematica, to use it for their own projects.

UCI VMP Network Disconnect Policy Going into Effect on 1/22/18

This message was sent out by the OIT Network Security Group on 1/19:

As you are aware the Office of Information Technology has implemented a Cybersecurity Vulnerability Management Program (VMP) that uses SecurityCenter to track and manage information security vulnerabilities on campus computers. In our next evolution of this program we will be formally putting UCI’s network disconnect policy into effect as of Monday January 22, 2018.
As announced in a Zotmail sent by OIT on 11/27/17, starting next Monday any systems identified in SecurityCenter that have a critical vulnerability that is also known to be exploitable, we will be sending out an email notification to alert responsible parties of its status as well as give a deadline that it must be addressed by. We will follow up with several reminder emails but if systems are not addressed by the deadline they will be denied access to the network until the OIT Security team receives confirmation they have been addressed. For more detailed information regarding the network disconnect policy you can refer to our page here

ICS Vagrant and VirtualBox Updates

ICS Instructional Scratch Space

ICS support provides undergraduate and graduate scratch space for enrolled student to use in coursework. The space is provided free of charge and without user quota limits.

Please see the following links for more information:

Openlab Requires OpenSSH Keys from Off Campus

This is a reminder that beginning this morning instructional openlab hosts will require OpenSSH keys for clients connecting from off campus. Off campus OpenSSH clients will not longer be allowed to login using a password.

For instructions on setting up OpenSSH keys, please visit the following URL:

Storage News @ ICS

Computing Support would like to bring your attention to a couple of current storage deals.

ICS Hitachi Storage

ICS Computing Support has over 100TB of disk available on our AMS-2500. That space is being offerered to researchers under the following terms:

  • Cost is $73 per Terabyte per year for reserved space.
  • Proceeds cover the cost of hardware maintenance.
  • Snapshots available
  • Tape archival and long term backup not available.
  • Cost to be pro-rated for 2017.

Network Appliance

Network Appliance is running some great year end deals with costs that work out to be as low as $83 per usable Terabyte per year when you purchase an entire shelf of disks up front for $35,985.14.

* Cost is all up front * Purchase covers hardware with a maintenance co termed with existing Netapp equipment. * Snapshots available. * Tape archival and long term backups available. * Subject to hardware maintentance after the initial warranty expires.

Cost Comparison

Product Cost per TB per year
Google Regional Object Storage $245.76
ICS Network Appliance Hot Storage $141.40
Google Cold Line Object Storage $86.02
Network Appliance NFS Disk Shelf $83
Hitachi AMS-2500 NFS Storage $73

This chart shows how much you could spend on google object storage (TB/year) alongside the pair of ICS data center offereings.

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