Winter Quarter 2019 Announcements

ICS shell account quotas have been adjusted up for ICS faculty and students. Please see the following page for the new limits.

Oracle Will Charge for Java Starting in 2019

Source Documentation:
OracleJDK/OpenJDK for Java Roadmap
  • OpenJDK for Java 11: LTS Release, freely available and distributable.
  • OpenJDK for Java 8: LTS release, will continue to receive updates, free to use
  • Oracle JDK for Java 11: LTS, commercially licensed and unavailable.
  • Oracle JDK for Java 8: LTS release, end of public updates January 2019, free to use but vulnerable.
  • Java 9 and 10 are EOL or close to EOl
OpendJDK for Java 11:
Important bullet points regarding ICS
  • ICS Computers running Java 8 can continue to run Java 8
  • ICS Computers running Java 8 will no longer receive updates after January 2019 and will inherit the associated security vulnerabilities.
The Fine print regarding the new Java SE licensing:
  • You may not: use the Programs for any data processing or any commercial, production, or internal business purposes other than developing, testing, prototyping, and demonstrating your Application;
  • Oracle will not post further updates of Java SE 8 to its public download sites for commercial use after January 2019.

Bren Hall 2nd Floor Phone Switch Replacment

On Wednesday, Jan 16 from 6am to 7am, OIT engineers will be installing a new switch for the phone system. There will be some phone downtime while this work is being done.

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