Winter 2020 Announcements

UCI Library Overleaf Licensing

The UCI Library has licensed Overleaf Professional on behalf of the campus:

The UCI Libraries has licensed some new tools to promote professional writing and collaboration.  
The latest tool is Overleaf Professional, open to all students, faculty and staff who would like 
+o use a collaborative, online LaTeX editor for their projects.  Overleaf Professional accounts 
provide real-time track changes, unlimited collaborators and full document history.  Designed to 
make the process of writing, editing, and producing your research papers and project reports 
much quicker for both author and collaborators, Overleaf can also be liked to other services 
such as bibliographer management software tools to best fit into your workflow. 

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UCI Network Disconnect Policy Update

Effective this year, all campus users will have 3 weeks to remediate vulnerabilities when their systems are added to OIT Security’s Network Disconnection Program (NDP). This is a change from the previous remediation time frame of 4 weeks or 2 weeks depending on whether your system was listed as an OIT asset.

The unified 3 week remediation period will allow the Vulnerability Management Team to streamline the NDP process and look for more automation opportunities in the future. Please email if you have any questions or concerns about this change.

Please visit this URL for more information:

Devops/SysAdmin Student Recruitment

Recruitement has resumed, send mail to if you have problems.

 ICS Computing Support is looking for a new undergraduate student system administrator and/or devops engineer.   This is a great opportunity to get real world experience working as part of a team managing a large computing infrastructure.  Please visit the following URL for a full description and to apply:

Jupyterlab @ ICS and Jupyter Notebooks for Instruction

ICS Computing Support is Excited to Announce Jupyterub@ICS

In addition to Jupyterlab notebooks, the ICS hub turns any web browser into a Linux Terminal AND offers several web-based apps, including a console, Rstudio, Xdesktop, and VSCode.

Connect to the ICS Jupyterhub Portal

Follow the project here

Slurm to Replace SGE

Slurm will be replacing SGE for distributed computing. The Slurm cluster is up and running now.

SLURM, unlike SGE, is actively supported and offers improved GPU support, fine tuning of queues, and has already been adopted by the UCI HPC3.

Send email to if you would like to start using SLURM today.

Visit our internal webpage for more information on how to use Slurm at ICS.

Singularity Containers

Singularity allows users with an ICS shell account to run any singularity and most docker containers on ICS hosts.

Singularity is available on all ICS-managed CentOS hosts for users to run. Use the command `module load singularity` to add the latest available version to your environment.

For more information and a quick start from running docker containers, follow this link to Singularity @ ICS.

AWS Eligible Discount Program

UC System-wide Procurement Services has negotiated an additional pricing discount of 11% to the UC community. You can take advantage of this discount by placing your campus AWS account(s) under the Eligible Discount Program (EDP) master account administered by the Office of Information Technology (OIT). By joining the master account, your AWS bills will roll up to OIT. OIT will pay the consolidated AWS bill monthly and cost recover to the KFS account you provide.

More information Here

Office 365 OneDrive - Storage Limit Increase to 5 TB

The OIT Windows Services Group (WSG) made a change in November to Office 365 that increased the storage limit of OneDrive from 1 TB/user to 5 TB/user. Click here for more info

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