Graduate Student Scratch Space

ICS Computing Support provides network accessible disk without quota restriction for graduate students to use as scratch space for their instructional projects.

Accessing Disk Space

ICS Linux

This space is shared via NFS to any ICS managed Linux compute node.

In order to access this space, simply change to the directory /auto/grad_space

cd /auto/grad_space

Windows/Mac and Unmanaged Clients

This space is also available via samba and fuse/sshfs with your ICS shell account.

Use the following samba share to mount this space:


Organizing Your Scratch Space

  1. Create a directory with your name.
  2. Set permissions on your new directory to keep other users out of your space.
mkdir /auto/grad_space/guser
chmod 700 /auto/grad_space/guser

Using Disk Space

Please keep your files in a directory that is the same name as your ICS shell login. For example:

 mkdir /auto/grad_space/guser


Warning: Be aware that this is scratch space and is not backed up to tape and there is no disaster recovery plan. Use this space at your own risk.

We request that you follow these guidelines when using this space.

  • This space is for for in undergraduate instruction only.
  • Create a directory with your username to keep your files organized (e.g. /auto/ugrad_space/username)
  • Files belonging to locked or purged accounts will be removed.
  • World writable sub directories and files may be automatically locked
  • This space is not backed up and any critical data should be backed up to permanent storage such as home directory or USB key.
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