Storage @ ICS

  • ICS Local Scratch
  • ICS NFS Scratch
  • ICS NFS Storage
  • Google Drive
  • Cloud Storage

Cost Comparison (2020)

Product Cost per TB per year
Google Regional (us-west2) Standarod Object Storage $282.62*
NFS Storage - Network Appliance $105.68
NFS Storage - ZFS Servercontact helpdesk
Google Cold Line Object Storage $86.02*
ICS NFS Scratch StorageFree
ICS Local Scratch Storagecontact helpdesk

* This price does not include other costs such as network egrees costs or object access costs. Network egress very quickly become more expensive than the storage.

ICS Local Scratch

  • Available on a single host.
  • It's FREE!! Any storage already present in the system can be made available.
  • No tape backups or disaster recovery
  • No guarantee of preservation through system operations or OS installation.
  • No extraordinary measures will be taken to recover lost data.
  • Users may use sshfs or scp to share the space between hosts.

ICS NFS Scratch

  • Available on any ICS supported Linux hosts
  • Available to any SMB/CIFS Client
  • It's FREE!!! This space is not under warranty so we don't charge money to use it.
  • No tape backups or disaster recovery
  • Persistent between OS installations.
  • No extraordinary measures will be taken to recover lost data.
  • Users may use sshfs or scp to share the space between hosts.
  • No road map for replacement or upgrade in the event that the equipment is no longer available.

NFS Storage

  • Available on any ICS supported Linux hosts
  • Available to any SMB/CIFS Client
  • Cost varies depending on quantity and speed.
  • Tape backup and disaster recovery.
  • Storage is under warranty.
  • Persistent between OS installations.
  • Supported through the end of maintenance, then transitions to NFSscratch.

Network Appliance

  • NFS Storage
  • Enterprise Maintenance through August 2021.
    • Equipment refresh reviewed annually
  • Currently $105.68 per TB per year.
    • Covers cost of maintenance agreement

ZFS Servers


Each facultymember/lab has ~1TB available to your lab through the Campus Research Storage.

Google Drive

Cloud Storage

We are here to help you connect to your cloud storage. Send a message to helpdesk. See the chart at the top of the page for projected costs.

File Backup and Recovery

All Support ICS NFS hosts are backed up once every thirty days. Backups are initial copied to D2D (disk2disk) storage. Overtime, data is migrated from D2D to LTO8 Tapel.


Backup Mission Statement

ICS shell home and extra directories residing on systems fully managed by ICS Computing Support and supported by IBMSpectrumProtect. Files are backed up once every thirty days. We will provide best effort to retain backup sets for two years.

What is backed up?

Best efforts are made to backup

  • ICS /home directories
  • ICS /extra directories
  • In many cases /auto directories.
  • Send mail to for a complete list.

What is not backed up?

  • Local file systems (e.g. /, /usr, /var, /tmp, /var/preserve, etc.).
  • Directories called “scratch”
  • Local /home directories on managed systems with full sudo
  • /auto/ugrad_space
  • /auto/grad_space
  • /auto/vagrant_space
  • Container and Virtual Machine images.
  • Some files with unicode or other nan-ascii characters in the filename.
  • Folders and files named “scratch” (pending 8/18)


  • IBMSpectrumProtect
  • Version:
  • Build: 20191004-1206
  • License: Licensed through UCOP PPA Maintenance - ESSO Amendment 20.
  • Contact:


  • Managed and Supported NFS Servers are backed up once every thirty days. (see list below).
  • Backups are copied to D2D storage before migrating to LTO8 Tape

DR Tape Sets

  • Tape sets will be created annually and retained for 2 years.

Special Backup Requests

Please send any special backup requests to

Host Lists

The following managed and supported ICS hosts are being backed up:

HostnameOSSchedule 6
cantor.ics.uci.eduCentOS 7
hayes20t.ics.uci.eduCentOS 7
mulder.ics.uci.eduCentOS 8
nerve.ics.uci.eduCentOS 7
scully.ics.uci.eduCentOS 8



All managed/supported NFS fileystems have nightly snapshots available for self-restore. See the documentation here: Types of Backup at ICS


If you require something restored from more than 30 days past, it will need to come from IBMSpectrumProtect. Please send an email to with the full path to the directory.

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