ICS Maintenance March 28, 2017

  # Puppet Updates
  # SGE Scheduler Reconfiguration
  # 62504: Kraken life cycle Update
  # Ugrad and Grad student gidNumber Realignment
  # Quota reassessment

Puppet Updates

ICS hosts are provisioned and configured using Puppet. During this maintenance period we will be moving the following list of hosts to our newer Puppet3 server. There may be some downtime associated with this process.

The following list is subject to downtime throughout the day as they are converted from puppet2 to p uppet3:

Hostname Purpose
adrian-monk-v0.ics.uci.edu Authentication Server
addison-v6.ics.uci.edu Authenticatoin Server
colin-baker-v2.ics.uci.edu Boot Server
columbo-v3.ics.uci.edu Checkmate Web Server
pedigree cluster Cycle Service
arcus cluster Research Cluster
cacofonix cluster Research Cluster
nebula cluster Research Server
addison-v4.ics.uci.edu Database Server
hawk-v3.ics.uci.edu DNS Server
spenser-v1.ics.uci.edu DNS Server
columbo-v4.ics.uci.edu Faculty and Staff Cycle Server
rockford-v1.ics.uci.edu Faculty and Staff Cycle Server
addison-v5.ics.uci.edu Gitlab Server
rockford-v3.ics.uci.edu High Availability Load Balancer
columbo-v0.ics.uci.edu IMAP Server
tristram.ics.uci.edu Instruction VM Server
rockford-v8.ics.uci.edu ldap4
hawk-v1.ics.uci.edu LDAP Server
hawk-v4.ics.uci.edu License Server
columbo-v10.ics.uci.edu* Mail Server
addison-v0.ics.uci.edu Mail Server
addison-v3.ics.uci.edu Mail Server
colin-baker-v1.ics.uci.edu Mail Server
columbo-v5.ics.uci.edu Mail Server
rockford-v4.ics.uci.edu Mail Server
steele-v2.ics.uci.edu Monitoring Server
columbo-v9.ics.uci.edu MySQL Server
rockford-v6.ics.uci.edu MySQL Server
kiss.ics.uci.edu Openlab GPU Server
motorhead.ics.uci.edu Openlab GPU Server
paul-mcgann-v1.ics.uci.edu paul-v1
columbo-v2.ics.uci.edu Print Server
neuromancer.ics.uci.edu Resarch Server
wintermute.ics.uci.edu Resarch Server
hermod.ics.uci.edu Research Cycle Server
nimbus.ics.uci.edu Research Cycle Server
benedictus.ics.uci.edu Research Server
blazar.ics.uci.edu Research Server
csc64-1.ics.uci.edu Research Server
drg.ics.uci.edu Research Server
hypernova.ics.uci.edu Research Server
invictus.ics.uci.edu Research Server
kingoftown.ics.uci.edu Research Server
loquat.ics.uci.edu Research Server
paso.ics.uci.edu Research Server
scivi.ics.uci.edu Research Server
sepbic.ics.uci.edu Research Server
velox.ics.uci.edu Research Server
tahiti.ics.uci.edu Research Sever
xander.ics.uci.edu Reserch Server
addison-v7.ics.uci.edu SGE Server
rockford-v7.ics.uci.edu SGE Server
columbo-v11.ics.uci.edu sm2
columbo-v8.ics.uci.edu Time Server
spenser-v3.ics.uci.edu Time Server
paul-mcgann-v3.ics.uci.edu tsm-admincenter
paul-mcgann-v2.ics.uci.edu Web Server
tom-baker-v1.ics.uci.edu Web Server
tom-baker-v3.ics.uci.edu Web Server
paul-mcgann-v0.ics.uci.edu Web Server
sylvester-mccoy-v0.ics.uci.edu Web Server
sylvester-mccoy-v1.ics.uci.edu Web Server
sylvester-mccoy-v2.ics.uci.edu Web Server
sylvester-mccoy-v3.ics.uci.edu Web Server
tom-baker-v2.ics.uci.edu Web Server
tom-baker-v0.ics.uci.edu Web Srever

SGE Schedule Configuration (63144 SGE Set job_load_adjustments)

We will be modifying the SGE configuration to favor distributed job scheduling across all nodes in a cluster. This is a significant change to the way that jobs are distributed to the SGE clusters.

At present, jobs are rapidly assigned to a node based on load. This results in some nodes becoming full and some nodes sitting idle. We hope the new configuration will encourage a more balanced scheduling of jobs across the entire cluster.

62504: Kraken Lifecycle Update

* Downtime Notice *

SYSTEM: kraken.ics.uci.edu

DATE: 3/28/2016


DURATION: 2 hours

              (Please note this is an estimate;  systems may be up sooner
              or later than expected, due to unforeseeable circumstances.)

AFFECTS: NFS service will be unavailable during this period.

REASON: Applying the latest firmware.

Ugrad and Grad student gidNumber Reallignment (ticket #62245)

The gid numbers for the ugrad and grad will be changed from 110 and 102 to 1001 and 1002, respectivevly. File group ownership will be adjusted to reflect these changes. This task may take several days to complete.

Openlab CentOS 7 Upgrade

#63147: Centos7 Install Remaining Instructional Hosts

The following hosts will be upgraded to CentOS7:

acdc.ics.uci.edu kiss.ics.uci.edu motorhead.ics.uci.edu tristram.ics.uci.edu

All Openlab hosts will receive the lastest patches and be rebooted.

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