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ICS Maintenance September 21, 2016

We will be making multiple potentially disruptive changes to ICS systems on this day.


  • Impacting: SPF Email Implimentation, see below. (RT Ticket #59623)
  • Impacting: Openlab CentOS7 Update and new SGE queue (RT Tickets #60192 and #60193)
  • Impacting: Top of rack switches moved to Cisco 3560. (RT Ticket #59949)
  • Impacting: Libya UPS Maual Reconditioning in critical rack A05. (RT Ticket #59847)
  • Impacting: Reboot the IGB Computer Clusters (RT Ticket #60195)
  • Move Brenhall Screen Content to Tier 1 File Server (RT Ticket #59959)
  • Operating System Patches for all hosts begins 9/18. (RT Tickets #60191)
  • ICS Mailman List will no longer automatically respond to new subscribers. (RT Ticket #60110)
  • Software Updates and module default load (RT Ticket #60194)

SPF Implementation

After this change, email that does not originate on a mail server that is identified in the ICS SPF record may be rejected or tagged as spam at the destination. See email settings for more important information about how this affects uesrs at ICS.

Openlab CentOS7 Update, Patch and SGE Complex Asignements

  • Openlab hosts running CentOS6 will be reinstalled with the latest version of CentOS7 and rebooted.
  • The 15day.q and 12hour.q queues will be disabled.
  • A new SGE queue of openlab hosts running CentOS7 is available now as “openlab.q”.
  • The exclusive, h_vmem and s_vmem complexes will be assigned on all hosts in the openlab.q. This will allow users to specify queues with exclusivity or high memory requirements. Sun Grid Engine
  • You may test out the Openlab CentOS7 environment today by logging into or submitting SGE jobs to the openlab.q queue.

Operating System Patches

Lates patches will be applied to all CentOS5, CentOS6 and CentOS7 hosts. Hosts will not be rebooted.

Virtual Box Update

All ICS systems with Virtual Box currently installed will be updated to the latest available. Any running Virtual Box instances will be shutdown.

Openlab Upgrade to CentOS7

All ICS Openlab hosts will be upgraded to CentOS7 for the Fall Quarter 2016. Faculty may test out this new environment today by logging into

Samba 4 Deployment

The Samba 4 servers will be deployed in place of the Samba 3 servers. It is important that anyone who has their files opened through the Samba server should close any file connections opened on the desktop as the samba connection will be dropped.

Network Switch Upgrade

In order to facilitate the retirement of the existing border switch, existing network switches that link to it will have their uplink ports moved. This move will cause temporary network outages to the servers.

ICS Mailman

Auto response on all ICS Mailman lists will be turned off in order to prevent mail bombing and preserve the ICS email server reputation.

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