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June Maintenance June 14th through June 18

The following maintenance events will be taking place in the week following final exams, June 14th through June 18th.

Server Security Patches and Reboot

The following servers will be patched and rebooted at the following times. Please allow two hours for each maintenance to complete.

Maint Date/TimeHostname Service Impact
6/14 2200 ldap Users may notice longer than usual login or failed logins during this period.
6/15 0900 support service N/A
6/15 0900 support service N/A
6/15 0900 support service N/A
6/15 0900 support service N/A
6/15 0900 instructional-gitlab The gitlab service will be unavailable during this period.
6/15 0900 support service N/A
6/15 0900 support service N/A
6/15 0900 support service N/A
6/15 0900 support service N/A
6/16 0900 kubernetes head node This node is used by We do not anticipate any service interruption.
6/16 0900 PostgreSQL PostgreSQL server used buy and some instructional gitlab websites
6/17 0900 ftp The FTP server may be briefly unavailable while the ftp service IP fails to the alternate FTP server
6/17 0900 ldap Users may notice longer than usual login or failed logins during this period.
6/17 0900 mysql-backup This is the backups MySQL server, we do not anticipate a noticeable service interruption.
TBD secrets vault Secure secret storage will be unavailable until the system is back online and the vault is unsealed.

Openlab Security Patches and Reboot

  • Downtime Notice: Openlab Security Patches and Reboot
  • Date: June 14th 0900
  • Duration: 8 hours

Cisco 2960 Switch Firmware Upgrades

  • Switch 3023-c2960s-102 will be updated to the latest version to fix a vulnerability
    • IMPACT: No servers will be affected by this update.

Gitlab Upgrade

  • Downtime Notice: Upgrade Gitlab Server
  • Date: Tuesday, June 15, 2021
  • Duration: 0800 to 12:00

IMPACT: The site will not be available during upgrade window. Repositories will not be available to push/pull from. This will not impact gitlab setup for individual classes.

Mailman Server Upgrade

  • Downtime Notice: Upgrade Mailman Server
  • Date: Wednesday, June 16, 2021
  • Duration: 1500 - 1700 '

The mail server running mailman services will be upgrade to 2.1.29. The new version includes improved spam filtering capabilities that should reduce the amount of mail sent to list owners. Users should try their best to avoid sending email to mail lists during this period as there may be some delay in in the processing of mail.

Openlab8 Cluster Retirement (Ticket #79437)

  • Downtime Notice: Openlab8 Cluster Retirement
  • Date: June 14th 0900

In early December 2020, the CentOS project announced an abrupt change to it's CentOS8 and future relapse roadmap. The CentOS8 end of life has been moved up to December 2021 (about three years before CentOS7 in 2024). In response, we will be migrating our existing CentOS8 installs to Ubuntu20.04 (or in some cases, CentOS7). The openlab8 cluster will be retired and replaced with a new Openlab20 cluster running Ubuntu 20.04.

Openlab20 Release (Ticket #79437)

The Openlab20 cluster running Ubuntu 20.04 will replace the Openlab89 cluster running CentOS8. The new cluster will be available later this summer.

78836 ICS Data Center and CS2 Network Closet Outage

  • Downtime Notice: #78836: ICS Data Center and CS2 Network Closet (Work Order 5112353)
  • Date: May 4th, 2021 (Confirmed)
  • Duration:
    • Building power to be shut off at 2000 on 5/4/2021
    • Non-critical hosts shutdown beginning at noon on 5/4/2021
    • Some critical services may be unavailable for up to twelve hours.
    • It may take several days to restore services on all hosts.

Affects: All non-critical, research, and instructional computing will be shutdown beginning at noon on 5/4.

Campus facilities has scheduled an electrical power shut down for the ICS CS2 buildings on May 4th at 8pm. Most research and instructional equipment during this power will not have power and will be turned shutdown during the day on 5/4. Equipment will be brought back online on the morning of 5/5.

Network: Core data center and building network will remain online during this event.

Computing: Critical ICS services will remain online (i.e. home directories, web services, email).

Environment: One of three 20 ton AC units will be available during this period and will be supplemented by a pair of 3 ton portable units. If the portable cooling units prove unable to maintain a reasonable operating temperature we will begin shutting down additional critical infrastructure.

OIT: OIT will be mirroring our efforts to make sure that their equipment in the buildings are available during this period.

Although we will do our best to avoid downtime of critical services during this period, there are many factors that may intersect unexpectedly to cause an outage. Please send email to if you are concerned that this work will cause a hardship on your research and we will work with campus facilities to do our best to accommodate.

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