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Engineering Tower Generator ATS repair On Jan 30th

  • Downtime Notice: #78155 : ICS Data Center Power Event: Engineering Tower Generator ATS repair
  • Date: January 30th, 2020
  • Duration: Beginning at 0600 and lasting approximately 8 hours

TENTATIVE: Campus facilities scheduling an electrical power shut down for the ICS building on 1/30/2021 in order to effect repairs on a failed generator automatic transfer switch.   

We do not anticipate that any computer equipment in the ICS data center will be powered off during period. 

One of  three one of three twenty ton air conditioners during this period will be powered down.  Portable cooling units will be provided that should be sufficient to cool the data center until power is restored to the third unit. 

If the portable cooling unit is insufficient and the data center unexpectedly overheats we will need to shut down equipment until we return to a controlled and reasonable temperature.  We will begin by powering off  non-essential infrastructure equipment and then move onto equipment that is generating the greatest amount of heat (e.g. GPU clusters).

Please send email to if this work will cause a hardship on your research and we will work with campus facilities to do our best to accommodate.

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