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ICS Server Update and Reboot Schedule

Hostname Service Maint Window Begin Maint Window Duration
adrian-monk-v11.ics.uci.edupuppet43/22/2021 2 hours
adrian-monk-v9.ics.uci.edunagios3/22/2021 2 hours
broadchurch-v1.ics.uci.edudigphenotypes3/22/2021 2 hours
colin-baker-v0.ics.uci.edupuppet6-23/22/2021 2 hours
colin-baker-v1.ics.uci.educolin-v13/22/2021 2 hours
colin-baker-v3.ics.uci.edu3/22/20210900 2 hours
columbo-v2.ics.uci.eduftp03/22/2021 2 hours
kate-beckett-v5.ics.uci.edumda13/22/2021 2 hours
melvil-dewey-v1.ics.uci.edurt4-13/22/2021 2 hours
nancy-drew-v2.ics.uci.edudrew-v23/22/2021 2 hours
nancy-drew-v4.ics.uci.edudrew-v43/22/2021 2 hours
richard-castle-v6.ics.uci.edurt4-23/22/2021 2 hours
rockford-v2.ics.uci.eduvpn0013/22/2021 2 hours
rockford-v4.ics.uci.eduimap03/22/2021 2 hours
rockford-v6.ics.uci.eduvault03/22/2021 2 hours
rockford-v8.ics.uci.eduipa23/22/2021 2 hours
sakura-v4.ics.uci.edulogstash0elk3/22/2021 2 hours
sasuke-v4.ics.uci.edumetricsgrafana3/22/2021 2 hours
kate-beckett-v3.ics.uci.educontrol3/22/2021 2 hours
addison-v4.ics.uci.eduemp7-13/22/2021 2 hours
adrian-monk-v1.ics.uci.edusge-sm03/22/2021 2 hours
addison-v3.ics.uci.eduimap13/22/2021 2 hours
nancy-drew-v5.ics.uci.edumailman-mta03/22/2021 2 hours
naruto-v4.ics.uci.eduDataCollection 2 hours
paul-mcgann-v0.ics.uci.eduSGEMaster 2 hours
richard-castle-v0.ics.uci.edupuppetmaster 2 hours
richard-castle-v1.ics.uci.eduganglia3/22/2021 2 hours
richard-castle-v5.ics.uci.eduloghost03/22/2021 2 hours
rockford-v1.ics.uci.eduemp7-23/22/2021 2 hours

Kubernetes Cluster Upgrade

  • Downtime Notice: #78583: Upgrade Kubernetes Clusters
  • Date: March 22nd , 2021
  • Duration: All week beginning at 0600 and lasting approximately 8 hours

IMPACT: The Kubernetes clusters are built with redundant nodes so overall service should not be disrupted. Some users may notice pods or instances disconnecting and rebooting as they are migrating from one node to another.

Engineering Tower Generator ATS repair On Jan 30th

  • Downtime Notice: #78155 : ICS Data Center Power Event: Engineering Tower Generator ATS repair
  • Date: January 30th, 2020
  • Duration: Beginning at 0600 and lasting approximately 8 hours

Campus facilities scheduling an electrical power shut down for the ICS building on 1/30/2021 in order to effect repairs on a failed generator automatic transfer switch.   

Network: Power will be temporarily reconfigured to make sure all ICS network equipment remains powered during this period.

Computing: We do not anticipate downtime on any ICS computing during this period.

Environment: One of three 20 ton air conditioners will be unavailable during this period. Portable cooling units will be used to supplement the remaining air conditioners. If the portable cooling units prove unable to maintain a reasonable operating temperature we will begin shutting down non-critical infrastructure followed by hosts generated the greatest amount of heat (e.g. GPU clusters).

OIT: OIT will be mirroring our efforts to make sure that their equipment in the building is available during this period.

Although we will do our best to avoid downtime during this period, there are many factors that can intersect unexpectedly to cause an outage. Please send email to if you are concerned that this work will cause a hardship on your research and we will work with campus facilities to do our best to accommodate.

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