ICS Git Lab

ICS Computing Support is running a Gitlab site.

Gitlab is a web interface to Git, a version control management application similar to Github

  • Users can login using their ICS account
  • Accounts may be requested for non-ICS users
  • Users may start projects and add other ICS users to them as needed

Who Can Use ICS Git Lab

  • Any user with an ICS account can login to Please make sure to login under the LDAP tab.
  • UCI affiliates working with an ICS professor could also get an account. Please have the ICS professor send in a request to helpdesk.
  • Non-UCI affiliates working with an ICS professor could get an account but must first obtain a UCInetID.

Is My Project Accessible to the Public?

You could set your projects visibility to either Private, Internal, or Public. The default is private.

Using SSH Keys via Group Account

the following needs to be added to the .bashrc, .zshrc or appropriate shell rc files of the group account

   FULLNAME=$(/usr/bin/getent passwd ${USER} | /bin/cut -d: -f 5)
   export GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL=${USER}@`hostname`
   export GIT_SSH_COMMAND="ssh -i ~/.ssh/${USER}_puppet_rsa"

Place the private key of each user in the /home/{group account}/.ssh folder as ${USER}_puppet_rsa.

External Documentation

For more information on Gitlab, please visit

Using https for authentication

You can also use the https settings for the .git/config url. If you use this option when you do a git push or pull operation you will be asked to authenticate with your userid / password.

UCI Github

UCI GitHub Enterprise is available to all Campus Faculty, Student, and Staff. It is only available on campus. For more information see


Unable to login

A. Make sure when you login the tab is set to LDAP,not standard.

Performance Tracing

Enable trace and performance trace:

GIT_TRACE=true  GIT_TRACE_PERFORMANCE=true git push origin  tenslorflo-gpucluster 
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