Open Scripting Web Servers


*Scripting Web space available to Bren School ICS Students*

BSICS Computing Support has setup the following web servers where faculty and grads can run web applications and provide dynamic content:


BSICS faculty and grads can login using their BSICS user name and password. Home directories on this host will be created automatically on first login. These systems are stand-alone and do not mount any NFS based directories (e.g. /home or /extra directories).


Login to the appropriate web server using a BSICS user name and password. Faculty should login to while grads should login to Create a public_html directory.

User websites will be available at the servers using the following nomenclature

Upload or download content into your public_html directory

From the web, your website will be available via or

Installing Content

Content can be copied from another ICS host or downloaded directly from the internet.

If you already have content in your ICS home directory, simply use the scp command to copy it.

Ex. From the faculty or student web server:

/usr/bin/scp -rp odin:/home/yourUserName/public_html /home/yourUserName/public_html

If you would like to use content from the web, simply identify the project you want to use and download it via the wget command:

Ex. Download the latest copy of wordpress:


Afterwards, you will need to untar it and follow the directions for installing it in your home directory.


Both hosts are already running MySQL. In order to request a MySQL database please send email to <>. Please limit the number of databases you will be using. After you receive your MySQL database information you should be to use the phpMyAdmin on that system via either

Notes and Restrictions

You are responsible for maintaining the security of your website. Check for updates to web applications often and disallow access to directories that you no longer use.

Backup critical files to your BSICS home directory using scp on a nightly basis. These web servers will not be backed up.

Default umask is 022 so that the web server can read your public_html. Run `man umask` for information on setting this.

Restrict anonymous comments out of courtesy for other users. We have seen many blog type systems which can be overrun with offensive and large quantities of comments.


*Example of installing Wordpress*

From an ics host:

mkdir public_html
cd public_html
tar –xzf wordpress-5.2.3.tar.gz

From this point you can open up a browser, point it at and begin configuring wordpress.

In this example, you would need to submit a request to <> for a database.


For cgi scripts, add .htaccess file in public_html with following:

Options +ExecCGI
AddHandler cgi-script .cgi .pl


  • For security reasons these systems are stand-alone and do not mount any NFS based directories, such as /home or /extra. You will need to SSH and download applications directly to the system or use SCP software like WinSCP.
  • The servers are not backed up, so you need to do it manually. A great tool for doing such would be using the rsync command.
  • You will be responsible for maintaining the security of your website. If you download an application, make sure you check for updates regularly or sign up for the application's mailing list.
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