Using Zoom @ UCI at ICS

UCI Zoom Conferencing FAQ

Sign up for you UCI Zoom account

The Zoom add-on app has been installed in ICS Gsuite for both Gmail and Calendar. The Zoom tile will appear on the right side of your screen as seen below. The Zoom tile provides a shortcut for setting up Zoom meetings directly from your browser.

Follow the directions on this page to connect your ICS Gmail/Calendar to UCI's Zoom Pro license.

Additionally, when creating calendar entries in ICS Google Calendar, you may quickly create and attach a Zoon meeting for all event guests as noted below.

Note: Google Mail and Google Calendar can be setup to work with any Zoom account. ICS Zoom accounts are already enabled for ICS Google Suite Apps.

Note: ICS Zoom Pro licensing expires in April. Please migrate to you UCI Zoom Pro account ASAP.

Activate the Zoom Plugin from Google Gsuite

Locate the Zoom for Gsuite tile on your Gmail or Google Calendar page. It's circled in red in this image:


After clicking on the Zoom tile you will be presented with the following screen. Click on “Sign in” (you may be prompted to approve a popup window at this point): zoom2.jpg

Choose Sign in with SSO at the bottom of the popup window:


On the next screeen, Sign in with SSO, enter your domain as On the screens that follow, enter your UCI Net ID and approve any duo push or enter a duo authorization code:


Click on the Authorize and you are done. zoom6.jpg

Install the Zoom for Outlook (Office 365 web) add-in

  • Log in with your AD/Office 365 credentials
  • Click on an email message to display its contents
  • On the upper right corner, click on the 3 dots (More actions)

  • Select Get Add-ins
  • A window with available add-ins will be displayed
  • In the search box, type: Zoom
  • Click on Add for Zoom for Outlook

  • Press Continue to accept Microsoft's terms
  • The add-in should have been added and will be now listed on the left My add-ins pane

Adding Zoom to a Calendar Meet

Goto the google calendar app and create a new meeting. In the window that pops up locate Add location or conferences, indicated by the red arrow. Choose Zoom Meeting (circled in red).


You will see the a hyperlink, Zoom meeting id, and a couple of meeting call in numbers appear. This information will be shared with meeting guests.



If you don't see a zoom icon in either your Gmail on the right-hand side or at, try closing your browser and opening it again.

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