Software Library

ICS maintains a software library containing packages that are not available through as a CentOS RPM. To search and find these packages, you would use the modules command to view what is available and load into your environment to use.

To view all available Software:

module avail 

To view available versions of a particular package, python for instance:

module avail python

Additional module commands to load and unload software packages from your environment are listed here.

Adding Software

The Computing Support group can add new software packages and make it available through the modules command. A regular may not install software directly into the software library but may make contributions or enhancements in other writable areas. See Personal Software Library for more information.

Ubuntu Availability

Ubuntu has been deployed at ICS because it has a significantly faster release cycle that allows the OS to offer newer packages than CentOS7 For this reason, packages found in the ICS software library are more commonly compiled on CentOS7 hosts and may behave unpredictably on Ubuntu systems. Please consider using locally installed software on Ubuntu hosts.

Requesting Software

If you do not see a module for a particular software that you need or the version is outdated, you can send an email to with a request to make it available. Please include details on what software you need, the version number, and why you need the software.

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