Google Cloud Engine (GCP)


Google Cloud Platform is a set of modular cloud-based services that allow you to create anything from simple websites to complex applications. Cloud Platform provides the building blocks so you can quickly develop everything from simple websites to complex applications.

Google Cloud Platform is available to faculty, researchers and grad students via your ICS Google Apps Account.

Each ICS Google Apps account comes with a 60day or $300 trial. You will need to provide a valid credit card in order to sign up.

If you would like to begin using the Google Cloud Platform please send email to

External Documentation

GCP/AWS Projet Management

Computing support can step into an active or passive role in managing GCP or AWS assets. Anything done in the ICS data center can likewise be done in the cloud including assignment of domain nammes.

  • Consulting and Billing Setup
  • Provisioning (also automated provisioning via Terraform)
  • Data Center Integration (Storage, compute, authentication, etc)
  • DNS (use in GCP or AWS)
  • Secure connection between campus and cloud.
  • Configuration Management
  • Single sign on authentication
  • Integration with campus storage.

Google Cloud Engine Products


Cloud Compute

  • Convenient tools for provisioning and managing your VM.
  • Extend current computing capabilities
  • Share Data
  • Inexpensive, charged only apply when a VM is active
  • Cost effective way to increase compute power without investing capital.


Cloud Storage

  • Unified Object Storage
  • Coldline storage for data archival as low as $7 per TB per month.
  • Regional storage for online data as low as $20 per TB per month.

Other Offerings

Google Opportunities

Apply for GCP for EDU Grants

Apply for GCP for EDU Grants Follow the hyperlink to apply for the GCP for EDU credit program. Once you apply, let helpdesk know so that we can help expedite the approval process. After you receive the grants, be sure to join the Google+ community of professors who have also received grants as they often share ideas about curriculum and post questions. If you have any questions about the program, be sure to post in the community contact to get in touch with program managers.

NSF Big Data Grant

NSF Big Data Grant As of 2/17/2017, Google has resources that can help when applying for the NSF Big Data Grant. Send a note to helpdesk and we'll help you with the Google technical point of contact so he can address any questions you might have as you prepare your grant application.

Southern California GCP Fundamentals Training

Southern California GCP Fundamentals Training: Google has confirmation that a free fundamentals course (a $250 value!) at the end of March. It will likely be in their Venice Beach office. Send mail to if you would like more information.

Google Billing

Easy Site

You can use the following site to quickly pull information about your account from this site here:

Full Site

Billing managers can retrieve additional information such as usage and cost tables here:

Choose the appropriate organization (typically and then choose your project. ICS computing support uses “Computing Support Billing Account.” Chen LI uses “chenli-research” and Ramesh Jain uses “RAmesh Jain Billing Account”.

Send mail to if you think you need permission to log in.

Statements are available on the let hand menu under “Documents”. Receipts are available on the left hand menu under “Transactions”.

Google Resources

Examples of Research Use Cases

Trouble Shooting

Adding an APP to a Project

Q. Missing Required Permission

User received message that they lacked required permission on their billing account.


Assign to the billing account:

Use the glcoud command

gcloud beta billing accounts  get-iam-policy 0116C6-256853-AD1005

Push the new roles up:

gcloud beta billing accounts  set-iam-policy 0116C6-256853-AD1005  roles.yaml


- members:
  role: roles/billing.admin
- members:
  role: roles/billing.viewer
- members:
  role: roles/consumerprocurement.orderAdmin
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